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RENT CONTROL is Unnecessary in Humboldt County

Scores of individuals and families from all socioeconomic backgrounds have chosen to live in a Humboldt County mobilehome park where rents are averaging less than $435 per month

Manufactured home prices throughout Humboldt County are much lower than conventional home prices. And most parks in the county offer financial assistance programs and/or long-term leases to assist residents. 

  • Rental Assistance Programs

Unlike rent control programs — which are not means-tested in any way — rental assistance programs identify those mobilehome park residents truly in need and provide direct rental assistance to them.


Programs are cost-effective and call upon the entire community to share in the responsibility of caring for those among us less fortunate.    

  • Long-Term Leases 

Long-term lease agreements are legally binding contracts, fully enforceable in a court of law and they can be made assumable. Multi-year leases allow mobilehome park residents to confidently manage their household finances at zero cost to them and to taxpayers.

A Humboldt County Resident Believes Rent Control Will Help. Will It?  

A current resident at Humboldt Bay Mobile Estates stated that Measure V is necessary because she would be homeless from rent increases.  

However, Under Measure V's Rent Control She Would Pay More 

The resident's current rent at Humboldt Bay Mobile Estates is $457 and below were her most recent rent increases - 

2010 - $10

2011 - $10

2012 - $10

2013 - $15

2014 - $15

2015 - $15

2016 - $15

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