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RENT CONTROL Diminishes Affordable Housing Stocks  

Measure V only regulates rent increases on the mobilehome space; it does not limit the resale price of the mobilehome.  

To ensure affordability, almost all government affordable housing programs require both the rent and resale prices to be capped. 

  • Rent Control will artificially inflate mobilehome resale prices due to the low space rent. With less availability and higher resale prices, Measure V will result in less affordable housing options.  

  • Rent Control disincentives park owners to expand or build new mobilehome parks.  Mobilehome parks are currently a key provider of affordable housing in Humboldt County.  

A Majority of Mobilehome Parks in Humboldt County Are Family Owned

Measure V will threaten the viability of many mobilehome parks throughout the county because of the financial strain and government bureaucracy it puts on owners.  

What will happen to mobilehome park residents - especially low income families and seniors - if Measure V forces parks to go out of business or convert to other uses? 

The below video by the helps explain the impacts on affordable housing.

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